Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bass Clef's excellent new record is coming out on February 15th. It's called ‘May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way’

It's coming out on Blank Tapes and luckily for you there's a free download of 'Kiss Me' from the new record, available from

Click here to go to

Here's the press release for the interested parties...

Blank Tapes is proud to present May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way (BLANK011), the new album from Ralph Cumbers – aka Bass Clef.

Picking up where 2006’s A Smile is a Curve that Straightens Most Things left off, Ralph doesn’t expand on so much as multiply the sound of that album. Starting with the same raw material of bass and beats assembled on four-track cassette (if it was good enough for Lee Perry…), Bass Clef has stepped out of E8 city limits and into the studio to add African percussion, This Heat-style drum freak-outs, and the usual riot of trombone, Theremin and cowbell familiar to anyone who has experienced Bass Clef live.

‘Promises’ and ‘Kiss Me’ extract memories and desires and turn them into eye contact; lovers rock and dub dread meeting at midnight on Mare Street. May The Bridges… still bristles and twitches in the echo chamber of Bass Clef’s ‘dubstep (not dubstep)’ – as Plan B magazine called it – but this new LP is a darker, wider, scarier, and altogether bigger space. An arc of UK roots street music is lurking in the corners: On-U, Blue Lines, the sound of the bedroom aerial finding its frequency today. But most significantly, all those bridges have been burned. Follow the Bass Clef light deep into the night… eyes open or shut, the light will shine.

Following countless club appearances at Big Chill, Sonar, Fabric, Bloc Weekend the Bass Clef one-man soundsystem is now in full effect across the globe with debut shows in Australia and a full EU tour 2010. Standout cut ‘Promises’ has garnered radio play from Huw Stephens, Mary Anne Hobbs & Trevor Nelson already and has yet to be promo’d.

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  1. Bass Clef is playing live in London on 20th March 2010 at a night of deep and beatsy music here: